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An Email written by Christy A., Dated 8/25/14

I'm writing to you on behalf of the outstanding work and customer service I've received from your GM at Clayton Homes in Bloomsburg, PA.

Corey worked with me specifically on obtaining a new mobile home for a needy family that the community raised over $50k for. The hurdles Corey faced with the mobile home park was astronomical. This was a very difficult project needless to say that took months and months of working with DEP, codes, township issues, etc.

He literally made this seamless for me and without him, many would have given up. This particular family that was helped, was deemed one of the most neediest in our community. Their previous trailer was pulled from a city dump for $300 if you imagine that. We are a foundation called Favors Forward and it is a PAY IT FORWARD program. The family must not be on assistance or helped by another organization, no felonies, and must give back to the community on random acts of kindness after being helped.

When the home arrived, Corey was there for an interview with the newspaper as I wanted to make sure that Clayton Homes was acknowledged on this project after the countless hours Corey had to put into this, but it went farther than just an interview. He played with the kids and was the most kindest and caring individual I have encountered in many years. He made sure that all repairs were done, he genuinely cares about people and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that he made all of us feel special.

Too many times we only hear the bad in people and never enough of the good. I highly recommend Clayton Homes and I assure you if this is the caliber of people you have running this business, kudos to you.

A very pleased customer!

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